Introducing MHLAC’s Employment Discrimination & Advocacy Project

The Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (MHLAC) has launched their Employment Discrimination & Advocacy Project. After careful study MHLAC has identified a legal services need for low-income workers who face employment discrimination due to their behavioral health issues. People who are open about their behavioral issues are stigmatized as less employable, sometimes labelled as lazy, disorganized or simply incompetent. This stigma results in less employment opportunities or an increase in adverse employment actions, ultimately severing persons living with mental health concerns from the resources they need to treat their symptoms.

Consequently, MHLAC has decided to provide support to this demographic in the form of individual legal representation and legislative advocacy. MHLAC hopes to represent people facing discrimination making it more costly for employers to undertake this illegal behavior. Also, by undertaking individual legal representation we increase our chances of becoming involved in impact litigation thereby creating systemic change in favor of those living with mental health concerns.

Chetan Tiwari is the attorney for the Employment Discrimination & Advocacy Project. He practiced employment, immigration and appellant law in Toronto, Canada before moving to Boston. Since arriving he has worked with many lawyers litigating discrimination matters at the MCAD and Massachusetts State Court. He is also a huge sports fan and is happy to engage in any conversation about the current state of professional sports and collective bargaining.

If you have any questions he can be contacted at:

Chetan Tiwari

MHLAC- Employment Discrimination & Advocacy Project

24 School St, Suite 804, Boston, MA 02108

1-800-342-9092 or 617-338-2345 X 132


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